Brother Richards grew up attending the Mountain View Baptist Church in San Diego before missionaries baptized him and his mom. During his mission, he lived in huts, ate spiders, and used machetes (ma-shed-ees) while living in the jungles of Honduras. His last 6 months were spent in Alabama due to a bone tumor in his shin.

After meeting his wife at EFY, he moved to Utah to teach Seminary, play water polo & volleyball for Utah State University, and…to marry her.

He teaches Institute at Utah State and gives firesides all over the country and is known for his constant smile and happiness.  He is known best for his popular ‘brotherichards’ Instagram/Facebook accounts and his upbeat CDs at Deseret Book. And if you love his friend Hank Smith, you’ll love him, too!

Some random facts: He can clap with one hand. He’s a bit nerdy, getting a 32 on his A.C.T. He’s part White and part Polynesian, with a little Native American and Black thrown in. He’s left-handed. He eats chocolate every day. Some say that his excitement for the gospel reminds them of Olaf from Frozen. He’s an only child; his mom is an only child, and his grandma was an only child, so…his family reunions are pretty small.

Most of all, he loves teaching and being with valiant Latter-Day Saints.


Here’s a short video for you to meet my family:

If you need a speaker for a Youth Conference or Fireside, I’d be happy to help.