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Final Exam Time

Here’s a terrific story for the week leading up to Final exams at the end of a school term:


Christmas Activities


Book of Mormon Handouts and Activities

Life of Mormon (Mormon 1)

Ether 12


“Spiritual understanding rarely comes from a lecture. Spiritually, the classroom of faith becomes less like a lecture hall and more like a fitness center. Students do not get stronger by watching someone else do the exercises. As students learn and then participate, their spiritual strength increases. Invite students to teach and to share; encourage them to act in faith and to report on what they are learning.” (Elder Neal L Anderson, 28 February 2014 Evening with a General Authority).

Attached are more than 40 plug-and-play templates based on the Fundamental Outcomes of the teaching and learning pattern.

Note to fellow teachers: If I ever feel like I need a bit of variety or if I just need a change of pace– or if I find that I’ve run out of time to prepare a great experience in the scriptures for my students– I can grab any one of these lesson templates and just fill in the passages from that day’s lesson and I’m ready to ‘teach’.  

I’ve come to know that we should let the students discover, explain, share and testify in class, rather than me doing all the work.

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Doctrinal Mastery

Book of Mormon DM Mneumonics

General Conference

Once the slideshow is started, each point box will change color after being selected. Running time: Approximately 40mins.

For Kahoots, press “PLAY” and then choose to have each class member compete against each other OR to play in small teams.  Be sure to click the “RANDOMIZE ORDER OF ANSWERS” button (I also like to click the “DISPLAY GAME PIN THROUGHOUT” and “AUTOMATICALLY MOVE THROUGH QUESTIONS” buttons). Running time: 20mins.

And… it’s time for Conference Memes: