Book of Mormon Materials

Book of Mormon Introduction

Doctrinal Mastery:

Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge

Book of Mormon Storyline

Here’s what I do with my students each week for the first 10 weeks (works great with my own children as well):

(If you want to download this video and use it, just visit and then right click and choose “save as” and it’ll download)


Here’s how I use it:

DOWNLOAD POWERPOINT: Book of Mormon Timeline

NOTE: You can print a 2’x3′ image of the PPT for $4 at any print center if you ask them to use blueprint paper. I hang it on my wall and refer to it several times each week to quickly remind the students of the storyline/context as we make our way through the Book of Mormon. You can also print a copy for each student (I do 4 on a page so it fits into their scriptures easily).

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