Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge

Doctrinal Mastery offers a clear framework to help all people learn and apply divine principles for acquiring spiritual knowledge. The principles behind this process include (1) acting in faith, (2) examining concepts and questions with an eternal perspective, and (3) seeking further understanding through divinely appointed sources.

4 Conditions for Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge

  • Have an honest desire to know the truth
  • Be willing to live according to the truth
  • Sincere prayer
  • Serious study

Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge PPTs

A Revealed Pattern for Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge

Act in Faith

  • Trust God and turn to Him first in sincere prayer, serious study, and obedience to commandments. “Hold fast to what you already know” (Jeffrey R. Holland, “Lord, I Believe,” General Conference, Apr 2013).
  • Wait patiently (see Article of Faith 9).
  • Examine Concepts and Questions with an Eternal Perspective
  • Consider / reframe the question in the context of the Plan
  • Examine historical questions in context – but don’t focus solely on history
  • Seek Further Understanding through Divinely Appointed Sources

Helping Others Acquire Spiritual Knowledge

  • Listen carefully and prayerfully
  • Teach and testify of gospel truths
  • Invite them to act in faith
  • Follow through